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The United States Christian Leadership Organization (USCLO) is a comprehensive advocacy and Christian-based religious, organizing, lobbying, commercial, ecclesiastical, educational, social, political, and human rights organization dedicated to achieving racial equality through Christian proclamation and functionally applying it to democracy, capitalism, and religion. Our primary desire is to change hearts through penetrating Christian, economic, historical, and sociological conversation and then organizing around those understandings in order to promote a more authentic repentance than what laws offer, since laws can require what the heart resists. Since changed hearts make many laws unnecessary, it is our contention there are enough laws written on the books, just not enough written on our hearts. With this in mind it is a changed heart that will ultimately bring equality—not laws—though laws may be needed in the interim to regulate unwanted behavior.




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HBCU Oral History Project 

1st Annual: Houston, TX

FEBRUARY 18, 2017


2ND annual: Austin, TX

mARCH 22ND - 24TH, 2018


3RD annual: San Antoinio, TX / Cedar Rapids, IA

Dates TBD 2019


The HBCU Oral History Project is an endeavor that uses the power of spoken and documented words to heal and to create spiritual and social change. It seeks to do this by asking ordinary people of color to share personal stories of racial discrimination, in an effort to be heard, and then documenting them. Those stories will then be used to pursue personal and national healing amongst human relations, as well as to create policy changes within the political environment, and spiritual changes within the ecumenical one. The story of Exodus and of the Bible tells us the mere fact of being heard spurs the saving activity of God and has powerful healing properties of which the United States and its current racial environment so desperately need. These stories will be gathered by the academy using academic and historical research methodology to ensure the accounts are accurately gathered, processed, and archived and to promote academic thought, theory, praxis, and learning as it relates to racial discrimination and reconciliation. The research will be held in HBCU University libraries and archives across the United States and will be made available for posterity for further reference, collection, and research.


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